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Our Latest Achievement – Panther

August 1, 2023

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PT Indonesia Defence Services (IDS) has recently achieved a significant accomplishment by successfully completing a critical project for the Indonesian Navy (Puspenerbal). The project involved the Periodic Inspection and Avionics Upgrade of the Panther Helicopter fleet, which aimed to enhance the operational capabilities and extend the service life of these essential aircraft.

The project demanded precision, coordination, and unwavering commitment from the team at PT Indonesia Defence Services (IDS). The company’s engineers and technicians collaborated seamlessly to execute the periodic inspection and avionics upgrade with utmost efficiency. Furthermore, they adhered strictly to industry standards and safety regulations, leaving no room for compromise during the process.

The skilled team at IDS worked around the clock to minimize downtime and ensure the Panther Helicopter fleet could return to active service as swiftly as possible. The cooperation and communication between PT Indonesia Defence Services (IDS) and Puspenerbal were exceptional, with both parties working closely to address any challenges that arose during the project.

The successful completion of the Periodic Inspection and Avionics Upgrade project brought about several noteworthy outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Operational Capabilities: The upgraded Panther Helicopters now boasted advanced avionics systems, improving their situational awareness, communication capabilities, and mission execution. This enhancement significantly bolstered Puspenerbal’s ability to respond to security threats swiftly and effectively.
  2. Extended Service Life: The periodic inspection and maintenance not only restored the helicopters to optimal working condition but also prolonged their service life. With proper care and regular maintenance, these helicopters were poised to serve Indonesia’s aerial defense needs for years to come.
  3. Heightened Safety Standards: The rigorous inspection and adherence to safety protocols ensured that the Panther Helicopter fleet met the highest safety standards, safeguarding the lives of both aircrew and passengers.
  4. Showcase of Expertise: PT Indonesia Defence Services (IDS) demonstrated its capabilities as a leading defense service provider, showcasing its technical expertise and commitment to excellence.


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